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ACCA Member Profile - Helen Treloar

"Time has been the highest influence in my professional life. Through my various leadership roles, education and experiences over the last 30+ years, I have failed forward beautifully! As the old saying goes… If only I knew then, what I know now". 

Helen Treloar


What is your full name, title, company name?

Helen Treloar, General Manager, Australia and New Zealand for OpusXenta.

How long have you worked in your industry and what do you like most about your profession?

I have worked, non-exclusively, in the technology industry in different capacities since 2014.

What I love most about technology (and digital/cloud) is that it allows a business to innovate as it enhances the people and community aspects of its proposition. It enables the organisation to pivot and flex to the immediate pressures, whilst honouring important standards and necessities. COVID-19 is a fabulous example of this, allowing staff to work remotely, meet virtually and access all the important systems and documents they need to execute their role.

As business leaders, with the assistance of technology that is purpose-suited to our needs, we can analyse, plan, cost, flow, set and maintain all parts of the business. 

Why do you attend the Annual ACCA Conference, and what do you get out of the experience?

OpusXenta attends the ACCA Conference with enthusiasm. The event is the perfect space to say hello to people we know and meet new people. It allows us to build ongoing relationships and share our knowledge and expertise freely to members of the industry we exclusively support. The key benefit from our attendance is listening to our customers (current and future) share their challenges and questions.

It's a melting pot of friendship, collaboration, education, information and connection. 

What are some notable differences in memorialisation you have noticed during the past five years?

Funnily enough (we find what we are tuned into), I notice the prevalence of technology in memorialisation. Both in the innovation-planning conversations and the emerging examples. If we look forward no more than 10 years from now, I believe the community will expect a digital memorialisation experience as a common option. This is driven by a number of factors including generational, environmental, economic and geographical.

What unique challenges have you faced in the past that have made you a more resilient person?

By coincidence 'resilience' is my word for 2020. It's my professional focus of growth this year. The trigger for this decision for me, was to put a hard-stop on repeating a behaviour that was producing an outcome I really don't want to experience again. "Groundhog Day" no more! In general life, I would say that my resilience is more a tolerance. Over time and from overcoming challenges, I have learned how alike we humans are at core. I tend to react less and instead seek to understand what is driving the emotion/behaviour in play. It results in what might be perceived as resilience, in that I am able to stick to a challenge or task and weather the storm along the way to achieving it.

What are some things that are on your 'bucket list'?

Am I the only person without a bucket list? I live in the moment. I have goals for my health, finances etc., but no 'bucket list'. A seriously successful CEO of an elite sporting entity shared the five questions he asks himself every now and then, and they resonated with me as to being similar to how I live life:

  1. Is this fun/enjoyable for me and those around me?
  2. Do I have the support I need to be great at this?
  3. Am I achieving goals?
  4. Am I adding value?
  5. Am I learning and growing?

I guess this is my ongoing bucket list – a set of experiences I want to have on a constant basis.

What is must-see TV for a great night in?

The documentary series "The Last Dance" about the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan. An amazing life metaphor throughout. 

Finish this sentence – 'Nobody likes a …'

…Nobody likes a pandemic.

What advice would you give a younger version of yourself?

Oh my. I'll give the abridged version…

"You're okay. Breathe. Every moment of anguish will pass and you'll be wiser for the experience. It's okay to step up, to step forward, to be the 'problem' in the face of mediocrity and pursuit of excellence – back yourself. It's not always about you, Helen; know when to settle, process and let it pass. You're right – people and kindness do matter; they matter a great deal. Stay true to these passions and you'll sleep well each night."

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