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Cremation and Memorialisation observations from the British Islands 2020

We know cremation rates are changing and have been increasing for decades, and this is supported in a recent report on Observations from the British Islands. 

One of the most stark changes is in the Disposition of Cremated Remains, in 1970, 69% were strewn in the crematorium grounds, but in 2019 it was only 15%.

Similarly in 1970, 14.5% of cremated remains were interred at the crematorium, but in 2019 only 4.5% were. In 2019, 80% of cremated remains were removed from the crematorium compared to only 12.5% in 1970.

See some stats breakdown in the attached PDF including:

  • Crematoria charging for cancellation of services (2020)
  • Crematoria charging for late arrivals or overrun services (2020)
  • Crematoria offering weekend services
  • Crematoria offering specific facilities for religious groups
  • Crematoria charging for scattering ashes from their own crematorium (2020)
  • Crematoria charging for scattering ashes from another crematorium (2020)
  • Crematoria with cold storage for coffins (2020)
  • Crematoria that have experienced implant explosion
  • Crematoria recycling metals after cremation
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