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Flowers, Ornaments & Tributes left at the graveside

From time to time, families place various sentimental, religious, or ornamental items and tributes at gravesides. This is a sensitive topic for some, yet in the interest of maintaining cemetery aesthetics, neatness, and general public care (concerning debris and trip hazards), it is important to have a Flowers & Ornaments Policy so your community knows exactly what the terms are, and an awareness of how their tributes may be managed after they have been left at the graveside.

ACCA CEO, Chris Harrington was invited for a radio interview on this topic with Triple M, Hobart TAS. Click the link below to listen:


In addition, check out this sample policy below generously provided by Tamara Whitehead, Cemetery Manager, Millingtons Cemeteries in Tasmania. This may provide you with some helpful insight when you are formulating your own policy. 

ACCA News - Reflections
IPART - Issues Paper (update)


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Wednesday, 18 May 2022

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