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Hart Island Update

In the 14th October Plot Matters email, I introduced everyone to an amazing cemetery in New York called Hart Island. This cemetery and its story is truly incredible and definitely worth reading about. The fact that for over 100 years all (mass) graves were dug and all burials were performed by prisoners (from Rikers Island Prison) is something we simply couldn't contemplate here in Australia. But New York and its surrounding districts is a very different place from anywhere in Australia. 

So here is a unique opportunity for ACCA Members.

I am preparing to interview the founder of the Hart Island Project, Melinda Hunt, in the coming weeks. Melinda is the person behind the changes that have recently been made at Hart Island. From influencing the end of 100 years of cemetery administration by the Office of Corrections, to the creation of a unique burial register where family, relatives and friends of those buried on Hart Island can acknowledge and pay tribute to their loved ones. And importantly, Melinda and her team have worked tirelessly to reduce the stigma that was associated with being buried on Hart Island. A stigma that has existed for over a century. If you would like to ask Melinda a question about her work or about Hart Island, this is your opportunity. Send your questions to me and I will include them in my set of interview questions for Melinda.

A special recording of my interview with Melinda Hunt will be shared with all ACCA Members. This is sure to be one of the most interesting interviews you will see about the cemeteries industry. I can't wait to speak with Melinda again and I look forward to asking her some questions on your behalf!

Stay tuned. For more information see here.

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Thursday, 18 August 2022

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