The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) NSW, have conducted a review in to cemetery pricing, efficiency and perpetual maintenance liabilities & governance.

IPART are investigating the costs and prices of interment services in NSW.

They have released a Draft Report recommending changes to the interment industry that deliver:

  • Interment prices that are affordable and equitable for all
  • Interment prices that allow for the financially sustainable operation of cemeteries into the future
  • Interment prices that are simple and transparent so that people can make informed decisions about interment choices at a difficult time.

IPART state that everyone has a right to a dignified burial. Further, that while many people choose cremation these days, it is important that those who want a burial are able to access an affordable plot that meets their needs.

IPART have made a draft recommendation that cemeteries be required to offer a standard lawn grave burial plot. Cemeteries that serve particular cultural or faith groups should also be required to offer a standard burial plot that respects the requirements of that culture or faith.

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