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Member Profile - Joe Campbell

"Regarding the innovation of memorialisation trends and options, all suppliers have made great advances with technology to allow this to happen and I look forward to seeing what will be available in another 20 years..."

  1. What is your full name, title, company name?
    Anthony John Campbell (Joe), General Manager, Phoenix Foundry.

  2. How long have you worked in your industry and what do you like most about your profession?
    I have been with Phoenix Foundry for 26 years. I enjoy that my job allows me to meet a wide range of people and the products we provide put smiles on faces when they need it the most.

  3. What distinctive challenges do you face working in this unique industry? As a supplier the shift of many families from traditional burial to cremation is causing the biggest challenge. It would be great if everybody wanted a bronze memorial, but reality is that people are shifting to a wide range of other memorialisation options, if they choose anything at all.

  4. Why do you attend the Annual ACCA Conference, and what do you get out of the experience?
    Networking. Over the many years attending the ACCA Conferences I have made some great friends in the industry, both customers and fellow suppliers, so attending the conference doesn't feel like work. As a supplier based in a regional area of NSW the conference also provides us with a great opportunity to meet up with many customers who we don't get to see on a regular basis.

  5. Who or what has influenced you most professionally?
    My managers, past and present. I am not sure if I have been lucky or if it is just the country mentality, but at Phoenix we have always had great leaders who help to create a team that really cares about what we do. To me that is the key to success in any business.

  6. What are some notable differences in memorialisation you have noticed during the past two decades?
    I think many families now realise the importance of personalising a memorial. This is a passion of mine and over the past 20 years I have seen families now adding epitaphs, emblems or images that have real relevance. They are starting to create memorials, not just grave markers.

  7. What are some things that are on your 'bucket list'?
    - Open a small B&B or café to take on the likes of Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver in the kitchen.
    - Visit Anfield to watch Liverpool FC play with my sons.
    - Go dog sledding and ice fishing in Canada

  8. What is must-see TV for a great night in?
    Married At First Sight (Libby makes me watch it) and any sport apart from synchronised swimming and basketball. Gordon Ramsey's kitchen nightmares is also a great laugh.

  9. Finish this sentence – 'Nobody likes a …'
    Collingwood Supporter

  10. What advice would you give a younger version of yourself?
    Having 6 kids I have had a good chance to think about this. Enjoy life and don't stress. You only get one shot so when things don't go your way move on and learn from what you have done wrong.
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