"The value of just one idea is enormous. The value of relationships with
leaders of the industry is priceless" 

1. What is your Full Name, Title, Company Name

Lynwood Harold Davis, Managing Director, Matthews Bronze Pty Ltd – trading as Arrow Bronze.

2. How long have you worked in your industry and what do you like most about your profession?

As a general manager with over 44 years' experience, I have found the business at Arrow Bronze to be most complex yet most rewarding. There are few industries where a supplier receives direct compliments from customers but also customer's clients. I love to innovate, and at Arrow Bronze the opportunities are endless in both product and service but also in manufacturing. Come and visit and see Bronson our Robot along with all our investments in excellence.Every day, something happens that gives me pleasure in knowing that I assisted success. The autonomy entrusted in me and my staff is absolutely awesome.

3. What do you value most about being involved with an industry association such as ACCA?

Associations such as ACCA bring together the broadest of opinions, advice, expertise and relationships from all over the country and internationally as well. It is a rich and fertile ground for inspiration and education. To give is a virtue and Arrow Bronze along with ACCA's members love to give and share for the good of the members, the industry and themselves.

4. Who or what has influenced you most professionally?

Throughout my career, customer focus has been a high priority. At Arrow Bronze it is paramount and in the quest for excellence, I am so fortunate to have fabulous staff to support me and my, sometimes, wild ideas. Understanding the delicate skills of our client services fraternity and just how much quality and service helps them deal with grieving families has been the greatest influence on me professionally. I have often said to our people, things like, "Would you accept this plaque if it were for your family?" or "If the customer is complaining, chances are there is a distraught family on the other side of their desk. Let's fix it and discuss later."

The ties of family have also been a great influencer. Whilst we don't work directly with them, we see, hear and feel the power of family reminding us all of the balance we must make between professional and family life.

5. What are some things that are on your 'bucket list'?

The industry has afforded me and Petrina the opportunity to travel all over Australia and to many parts of the world. However, I have yet to convince the Board to organise a conference in the Kimberley Region. I would love to go there.

I also always wanted to have a flight in an F18 Hornet Jet fighter (but probably would pass out soon after take-off!). Maybe I should stick to a flight to the Kimberley Region.

Also, I'd love to go Africa and see its unique animals, they have always fascinated me.

6. What is must-see TV for a great night in?

With modern technology, a binge session on Catch Up TV is now much better than watching Carlton play Collingwood. A good murder suspense series without delays is so good.

7. Finish this sentence – "Nobody likes a ……."

…Nobody likes a snack more than a pie and a beer at the footy! As a past President of a footy club I hosted supporters and opposition dignitaries at catered lunches. Still had to have a pie during the game.

8.What advice would you give a younger version of yourself?

To a younger version of myself, professionally, I would say four things:

1) Ask lots of questions.

2) Don't be hasty in change. Find out what is important and what works first.

3) Keep upbeat and positive at all times regardless of the circumstances.

4) Treat the business as your own and make decisions as if it were your money.