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ACCA Education and Relationships Australia (Vic)

About Managing Challenging Behaviours
In this workshop, participants will discuss and practice strategies that you can use to diffuse situations with clients, colleagues, stakeholders, and community members, who may be exhibiting strong emotions and/or present as being difficult and or challenging.

Dates: Tuesday 5th April or Thursday 5th May 2022
Time: 12.00pm – 3.00pm (AEDT)
Format of Delivery: Online, via zoom technology

About the presenter
Lucille Hart is the Training Lead for Family Violence and Relationship Counselling and an experienced facilitator at Relationships Australia Victoria. Lucille has qualifications in psychology, social science and mediation and is experienced in the provision of family violence, justice, mental health, healthy relationship, rehabilitation, youth and psychoeducation services. Lucille regularly provides training for government and non-profit organisations in areas including vicarious trauma, working with correctional cohorts, managing challenging behaviours, professional boundaries and managing difficult conversations.

About The Casual Counsellor
This workshop will focus on how to respond to a range of emotions, language and behaviors that often accompany difficult issues life grief and loss. It will also cover how to recognize when you might intervene as a casual counsellor and when you should refer to other professional helpers and resources. Finally, the workshop will also discuss how you can keep from being too involved and entrenched with the situation and strategies to take care of yourself during these difficult situations.

Dates: Thursday 14th April or Thursday 21st April 2022
Time: 12.00pm – 3.00pm
Format of Delivery: Online, via zoom technology

About the presenter
Hannah Aroni holds a Bachelor of Law (Honours)/Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Social Work. Her past experience includes roles in disability advocacy; casework; counselling in a service supporting people with disability who have experienced trauma. Alongside her role as a Clinical Designer and Facilitator at Relationships Australia Victoria, she currently works as a Senior Caseworker and Projects Officer with In Good Faith Foundation, supporting survivors of institutional sexual abuse and contributing