The Association

The Australasian Cemeteries & Crematoria Association (ACCA) is a non-profit professional organisation that exists to provide leadership, professional services and development, communication and networking platforms to the cemetery and crematorium industry.

ACCA is financially supported by a strong membership from around Australia and overseas. ACCA seeks to explore and develop new areas of expertise within the cemetery and crematoria industry, and provides regular communication through a range of publications.

As an industry body, ACCA promotes and facilitates the professional development of ACCA Members including the establishment of comprehensive codes of practice, guidelines and research projects.

ACCA also actively promotes the cemetery and crematoria industry to governments, related industries, other countries and the Australian public.


To promote the maintenance, improvement and development of cemeteries / crematoria / memorial gardens; and to communicate the provision of these services to the community.

To provide a forum for the free exchange of information on all matters relating to cemeteries / crematoria / memorial gardens.

To provide a standard code of practice for burial and cremation, to be adopted by all members.

To recognise the historical aspect of cemeteries and encourage the formulation of responsible policies for their redevelopment and realisation of tourism / community potential.

To promote the development of administrative and technical proficiency and to provide training in any industry related matter.

To take all such legal action as seems necessary or feasible to protect the interests of members and controlling authorities in matters of common concern relating to the control and maintenance of cemeteries and crematoria.

David Molloy



David Molloy

The adoption of Cremation as a means of disposal of our beloved dead is, without doubt, worthy of attention by the public and the Cremation Society of Sydney have provided a Crematorium and surroundings by which the form of disposal makes strong appeal to the General Public in preference to what was formerly earth burial.

What we Do


ACCA is there for the members and provides opportunity to enhance the industry through participation in learning & development, networking and information sharing. We hold a library of information to assist our members on the day to day management of a Cemetery or Crematorium. We also provide a dispute management service to the community and help our members meet the expectations of the public through an accountability process.


ACCA acts as a voice for our members as the core of the Cemetery & Crematoria Industry. We represent our members on a national level through liaison with Government bodies, industry suppliers, media and the community.


ACCA encourages best practice within the industry through the development of industry guidelines, benchmarking and collecting key industry statistics. We actively seek ways in which we can raise the profile of the Cemetery & Crematoria Industry through media coverage and government liaison. We encourage positive working relationships with industry suppliers and offer our members an industry exhibition annually. 


ACCA continues to look at ways in which we can increase benefits to our members and support the industry. We are currently exploring a number of opportunities and communicate the progress of all new innovations to our members regularly.


ACCA keeps the communication and information sharing open. We produce ACCA News industry journal with a complimentary copy circulated to our ordinary members and a strong subscription list of other recipients. Our monthly communique updates our members on ACCA’s representation, changes within the industry and gives our sponsors opportunity to promote their products.