New Quarter, New You?


Final Touch Australia team

This year a lot of people and businesses ditched the concept of resolutions and opted for a word to define the years goals. I saw one business state “integrity” as their word, another listed “fresh.”

We asked all our staff to choose a word for their personal life in 2023 and this week we sat down to check in on each other and our words. It made me think that we hadn’t yet done this as a business before kicking off this next part of the year.

Why do we wait for a Monday to start a new week fresh? Why do we wait for a new year to revaluate? This is your reminder to audit your plans and realign your goals from the events of the past few months.

Let’s be honest, we all got very good at this during Covid. The ‘pivoting’ that threw all our necks out. I promise it is much more enjoyable than that. A saying I love is “get comfortable being uncomfortable.” To me it says take the path unknown that pops up, revaluate when a new option comes and bowls you over, it may just be better than the original. After all, most good ideas stem from another!

So, I sat down and answered the below….

What has happened that I didn’t expect so far this year?

In what ways has this benefited us?

What are our new goals?

Do any of the previous plans still apply?

Written by Chantelle O’Neill – Final Touch Australia